The tools you need to take wholistic skin health and wellness into your own hands.

Hi friend, I'm Emily!

I was lucky to grow up in a world where holistic wellness was commonplace and first nature.

Several years before I became an esthetician, in 2007, I started experiencing atopic dermatitis (eczema) on my face. With the holistic health mindset my family held, I began to monitor what I was putting in and on my body, and I managed it a little bit. Then when I became an esthetician, I was entrenched in the common thought that I learned in school, that the skin is a surface organ and only looked at it through a cosmetic lens. Therefore, I primarily used topical ingredients to support my skin. I was not yet aware of all of the other pieces of the wellness puzzle that I would soon discover!

Everything changed when I started to learn about holistic esthetics. I had no idea this was a thing, and when I discovered it, I felt like my work and my soul were in alignment. I began studying skin physiology and histology. I began to practice with ancient healing modalities such as Gua Sha and Facial Cupping and began to see and feel an instant improvement in my skin!

I made friends with my skin through this. I am grateful that it is a barometer and for the message when something isn't quite right. Finally, I was able to find my glow-up, and I am here to share that with you!

The skin is unique; we can nourish and support it both from the inside and the outside, and treatment of specific imbalances works best when we come at it with this approach.

Often we find ourselves looking in the mirror feeling insecure or unhappy with how our skin looks. We are sold on the idea of punishing our skin back into order through harsh exfoliation techniques. Maybe we start to see fine lines or wrinkles, and because of our cultural conditioning, we feel less attractive or worry about aging, so we think about injections.

For years I have worked with my clients one-on-one to show them a different way. As a result, I often hear from my clients, "I wish I could just have you come to my house every morning."

As a solution, I have created self-paced online courses to help you learn how to incorporate holistic practices and give your skin the nourishment it craves, reclaim your confidence, look healthy and radiant, and take charge of feeling the way you want to feel.